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Forskolin bottle

Forskolin has been used for thousands of years for it’s known health benefits, but recently, it’s weight loss properties have drawn the attention of several supplement companies. Apex Vitality has recently begun producing a forskolin extract product targeted especially for fat loss. Before we get into exactly what user reviews are saying about Apex Vitality Forskolin, let’s talk a bit about what forskolin is and where it comes from.

What Is Apex Vitality Forskolin?

A study published by Wiley concluded that 10% Forskolin extract can in fact help improve body composition, promote weight loss, and, in men, increase serum-free testosterone levels with...

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Forskolin Belly Buster Supplement Bottles

So you’ve heard of Forskolin (which is derived from a plant in Southern Asia called coleus forskohlii) and are interested in it’s fat burning properties. Forskolin Belly Buster is a new supplement that incorporates this powerful ingredient so let’s review the potential benefits.

Numerous Forskolin weight loss studies have been conducted to test the efficacy and safety of this all natural compound found in the roots of the coleus forskohlii plant (related to the lavender and mint family). However, Forskolin has been used to treat many other ailments since ancient times...

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